What do we do?

Why not be fluent in Spanish?

  • We work with children as young as 3 years old to build a solid foundation in Spanish.

  • We help students improve all Spanish language course grades to excel in school exams.

  • High School students generally begin to understand class materials as early as the first session.

  • We teach university students who need to improve their Spanish to travel to or Spanish speaking countries for studies opportunities, church missions, scholarships, or for the student-exchange program.

  • We teach managers or assistant managers who have clients that require them to travel to or converse with colleagues from Spanish speaking countries and prepare them for professional-level Spanish conversations. 

  • The state of Illinois conducts this exam to determine whether or not the recent graduate is able to teach Spanish in public schools. We prepare those who wish to teach Spanish for the Target Language proficiency/Spanish Test (ILTS). Through Key To Spanish, no student has ever failed this exam under our tutorship. 

  • Key To Spanish is able to prepare students for any exam given in Spanish (ACT, SAT, etc.)

  • For anyone who wants or needs to learn Spanish.

Name your purpose for learning Spanish,

and we will assist you. 

Aditional Services

  • Simultaneous Live In-Person Interpretation 

    • The setting in which the interpretation is requested must undergo approval​ processes

  • Final corrections of written translations from English to Spanish 

Servicios Adicionales

Servicio de traducción simultánea en persona de: 

  • Casamientos en la corte y/o la iglesia

  • Ceremonias de grado. Traducción para el graduado y/o su famillia

  • Cierre de compra de casa, apartamento, townhouse, o negocios

  • Traducción de cualquier documento legal del Inglés al Español

  • Llenar fichas médicas y controles médicos

  • Ayuda para abrir cuentas bancarias


My Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you teach?

  • The student's home

  • Public Library

  • Office Meeting Rooms ( groups )

  • School Classrooms ( groups )

  • Online ( individual, group )

How soon can will I hear back from you when I fill out the contact sheet?

My responses will most likely be on the same day if not by the next day at the latest. 

What are the rates for your classes?

Rates for individuals, online sessions, families, and groups depend on location, duration, and quantity of class time. 

For families and groups, rates will be adjusted for the quantity of students present. 

How long are each sessions?

Children: 30 min​


Middle School: 45 min or 1hr

High school students:

1hr or 1hr 30 min


Adults: 1hr 45min or 2hr 15 min 


Groups: 1hr or 1hr 30min

Online: 1hr

Do you have online classes?

Yes. Online classes are available to all. 

Do you teach groups?

If parents of students find 6 or more student, the group will have special rates, and the person who found the group will have a special promo. The students of the group need to be from the same school, university or organization. The students need to be of the same academic level or of the same professional

organization or business. 

Can I receive references from other parents or students?

Yes. Parents of currently enrolled students, or their parents, will be contacted for authorization to share contact information. One this has been approved by the respective party, a phone call or text message contact will be available for you.

What are the methods of payment?


Cash App


Credit Card


Private Tutoring

Group Tutoring

Online Tutoring

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